Initiative for College and Academics Now (ICAN)

ICAN – challenges our students to embrace the mantra that “I Can”. It is our college/career preparatory program and is the first phase of our three-part post-secondary initiative aimed at keeping at-risk high school students on the path to graduation and post-secondary fulfillment. ICAN focuses on providing educational reinforcement/intervention and supplementary support services to students that helps to ensure both their overall college and career readiness.

The goal of our initiative is to make academic achievement a priority amongst our at-risk students by raising the mindset and standard of academic completion from K-12 (kindergarten through twelfth) to kindergarten through Associate Degree or other alternative post-secondary certification. In order to accomplish this goal, ICAN consistently challenges students to not only meet, but exceed their academic potential by providing continuous educational level assessments, course remediation, and subject specific tutoring. Other key program benefits include but are not limited to mentorship, standardized test preparation (i.e., ACT, SAT, ACT Work Keys, and Accuplacer), college credit procurement, civic engagement, and STEM-Ed exposure.

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