OUR Prep Academy

Ohio Urban Renaissance’s commitment to education is driven by our desire to effectively reach underserved and at-risk youth in our (economically depressed) community.  O.U.R. Prep Academy is an extension of the supplementary support programming that we offer to our developing youth as they transition into early adulthood.  Our prep academy has been designed to influence academic achievement and the pursuit of a higher standard for excellence in our students through increased standardized test scores, education reinforcement, college course procurement and STEM-related certifications.  These educational pathways are enforced by our exceptional academic staff and made available through our affiliation through an exclusive partnership with the IBM accredited Information Technology (IT) firm Ready Rock and our local college.

O.U.R. Prep Academy’s educational curriculum is designed to introduce and encourage STEM-related studies at the post-secondary level and ultimately promote STEM-related career field choices amongst our students.  As a result, our program offers our students an opportunity to obtain IBM accredited IT career certifications upon completion of our program.  


Although our program highlights STEM-related studies, we place the individual development and proper transition of our students into adulthood at the very forefront of our academic mission.  O.U.R. Prep Academy combines a rigorous study of STEM-education and life skills with a comprehensive college preparatory focused regimen that fosters self-awareness and overall character development in addition to academic discipline.  Our qualified academic staff also includes a team of mentors that share in the primary objective of readying our students to achieve at the post-secondary level and beyond.


O.U.R. Prep Academy seeks students and student-athletes from within our economically depressed community and others like it, who wish to gain another year of personal, academic, or athletic development before they transition into college.  Our admissions and acceptance policy is simple as our preparatory program looks for students who have been undeserved or have underperformed in high school and are motivated to improve and mature personally, academically, or athletically before they progress onto post-secondary education.  O.U.R. Prep Academy offers educational pathways based on the needs and capabilities of each individual student and their respective goals.  The entrance process can be completed can just a few easy steps;

1. Complete Application

The regular admissions calendar begins January of every year. Students who are interested in joining the program should complete an application during their senior year of high school.


2. Submit Transcripts


Applicants must submit a copy of their high school transcripts to the Ohio Urban Renaissance’s admission office.  Unofficial transcripts are permitted.


3. Take Entrance Exam


O.U.R. Prep accepts results from ACT and SAT entrance exams.


O.U.R. Prep Academy boasts a highly flexible and adaptable curriculum that can be adjusted to meet the needs of an individual student.  This student specific approach affords students the opportunity to develop within the parameters of their own capabilities while working to reach their highest potential.  The goal of our curriculum is to strengthen our student’s educational foundation to a level of sustainable academic and personal achievement.  Today our educational programming is strengthened by our affiliation and exclusive partnership with the IBM accredited Information Technology (IT) firm Ready Rock.  As a part of our dual education pathways, students may also select general education courses from Eastern Gateway Community College as an alternative or accompaniment to their STEM certification.


STEM Courses


  • Cybersecurity


This course provides a basic understanding of cybersecurity and how IBM Security is helping clients defend against cyberattacks. Learn more about cybersecurity terminology, roles, and concepts such as encryption, cryptography, and a variety of tactics used by cyber-attackers.


  • Blockchain

In this course, you will learn about the basics of blockchain technologies, including how cryptocurrency works and how IBM is using blockchain technology to improve the security of food.


  • Data Science

In this course, you will learn what data science is and how it is used in different industries like music and streaming television. This course has more context about what it means to be a data scientist.


  • Design Thinking

Design thinking is the framework that businesses, companies, and start-ups use to do all kinds of things: collaborate, align teams, solve real problems, improve users’ experience, and respond quickly. In this course, learn about design thinking principles and practices.


  • AI Foundations - Powered by ISTE and IBM

AI Foundations is an online course from ISTE and IBM that provides students with a comprehensive introduction to Artificial Intelligence, including technical underpinnings, practical applications, and ethical considerations.


  • Professional Skills

You might have great technical skills, but are you ready to work in a professional environment? These courses will help you get a handle on the key skills you need to transition successfully from school to work.


  • Mindfulness

Mindfulness is kind of like your own superpower[rf1]  - it is a skill that teaches you presence in the present. When you read the term mindfulness you might think it is people meditating in a dark room, or yogis on a mountain top, and while these can be helpful practices, mindfulness training does not require you to change who or where you are, it is simply a skill that can help you relax in the now and be fully engaged with the current moment.


  • Financial Literacy

This class teaches students the basics of money management: budgeting, saving, debt, investing, and giving. That knowledge lays a foundation for students to build strong money habits early on and avoid many of the mistakes that lead to lifelong money struggles.


  • CompTIA Certification

CompTIA is the starting point for a career in IT. The performance-based exams certify foundational IT skills across a variety of devices and operating systems.

The O.U.R. Prep program takes 6-12 months to complete, with introduction to classes starting July of each year.  The program is crafted so each individual student can work at their own pace.  If students are in enrolled in general education classes, they will receive instruction on the local campus and the Ohio Urban Renaissance Center.  All STEM education course instruction will be given at the Ohio Urban Renaissance Center.


O.U.R. Prep Academy currently offers our students a Post-Graduate Basketball Program that is centered around the individual development and college recruitment of each student-athlete.  O.U.R. Prep plays an extensive and highly competitive 20 to 30 game schedule against some of the top post-graduate programs and preparatory schools around the country in addition to facing several junior colleges and Division 3 collegiate programs.  Participation in regularly scheduled games, tournaments, and college sponsored showcases provide increased exposure and opportunities for our athletes to be scouted outside of the normal recruiting range of regional play. 

In addition to our post-graduate basketball program, O.U.R. Prep Academy offers an specialized individual skills development and performance training resources to student-athletes pursuing collegiate play in other sports as well.  O.U.R. Prep Academy is a viable alternative for young student-athletes actively working to increase their abilities, gain exposure, secure scholarship opportunities or pursue professional status in basketball, football, volleyball, track & field, E-Sports, and boxing. 


Upon acceptance and program enrollment, student-athletes are put through a series of tests in order to assess their current physical attributes, skills, and fitness levels.  After the student-athlete’s data is collected and processed, an individualized performance plan is customized to best meet the strengths, weaknesses, and collegiate or professional goals of the student-athlete.  The student-athlete then enters into a contractual agreement after accepting the terms and conditions of their educational pathway, individualized performance plan, and competitive schedule.  O.U.R. Prep Academy assists in the maturation of our student-athletes by providing them with the necessary tools, resources, and support system to advocate growth beyond both the classroom and their desired field of play.


Student-athletes interested in being considered for the O.U.R. Prep Academy Basketball Team or other athletics should submit their high school film along with their statistics via email, Hudl, or Twitch link with their application.              

Sample Athletic Schedule (Basketball)

Our Prep Academy Basketball requires dedication and commitment from our student-athletes.  A sample daily schedule for our student-athletes consists of strength and conditioning; speed and agility; recovery and therapy; diet and nutrition; and IQ and performance in addition to our academic workload or requirements.  Student-athletes will be offered various levels of strategic support to help with their development both on and off the court.         


6:00am - Wake up and Breakfast

7:00am - Chore and Warm up/Stretch/Weight Room

8:00am - Midrange 250 Makes

10:00am - College Prep/STEM Education

11:30am - Lunch

12:00pm - Team Practice and Skill Sessions

2:00pm - Film Session

2:30pm - Free Time

5:30pm - Dinner

6:30pm - 3 Point Shooting 250 Makes

8:30pm - Recovery

9:00pm - Shower

9:30pm - Free Time/Academic Improvement and Study Time

11:30pm - Lights Out