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OUR Prep is our post-graduate program and the second of three phases that comprise our organization’s post-secondary initiative.  It is aimed at preparing both students and student-athletes for college in the year immediately following their high school graduation.  In what is sometimes referred to as a “gap year”, students and student-athletes are afforded time to focus on their individual needs as it relates to academics, athletics, and overall personal development to ensure their success at the college level.  More specifically, student-athletes can use this gap year as an opportunity to increase their chances of getting a scholarship to play in college without sacrificing a year of athletic eligibility.


OUR Prep has been designed to influence academic achievement and the pursuit of higher education to become a standard among our students.  Our approach to education reinforcement and supplementary support efforts are intensified and expanded upon through our hybrid learning model that combines online coursework with on-site resources to assist students throughout our program.  O.U.R. Prep Academy offers three educational pathways for students and student-athletes to choose from that best meet their individual needs:

  • Students and student-athletes have the option to enroll part-time or full-time in our junior college (JUCO) program powered by our nationally accredited college partner and obtain credits toward their Associate's or Bachelor's Degrees.

  • Students and student-athletes have the option to enroll full-time in our STEM-IT program which focuses on career field entry through STEM-Education and Information Technology certifications i.e. cybersecurity, blockchain, and artificial intelligence.

  • Student-athletes have the option to dual enroll in a combination of both college courses and OUR Academics curriculum to satisfy their individual educational requirements.

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Each educational pathway includes mandatory O.U.R. Prep academics curricula, which provide services such as tutoring, high school credit recovery or course remediation assistance, ACT/SAT prep, and socio-emotional  and financial literacy courses.

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As a member of the Ohio Prep Conference (OPC) O.U.R. Prep Academy currently offers our student-athletes the opportunity to compete in a highly competitive national prep/post-grad schedule playing against other post-grads, prep schools, sports academies, and colleges from around the country.  The O.U.R. Prep Academy Goat Herd Basketball Team offers athletic performance training, spotlighted player film, and increased exposure opportunities for student-athletes to help bolster college recruitment.  Participation in regularly scheduled games, tournaments, and college-sponsored showcases provide increased exposure and opportunities for our athletes to be scouted outside of the normal recruiting range of regional play.

In addition to our post-graduate basketball program, O.U.R. Prep Academy training staff offers individual skills development and performance training resources to student-athletes pursuing collegiate or professional status in other sports as well.  O.U.R. Prep Academy helps student-athletes actively work to increase their abilities, gain exposure, secure scholarship opportunities or pursue professional status in basketball, football, volleyball, track & field, E-Sports, and boxing.

 Student-athletes interested in being considered for the O.U.R. Prep Academy Basketball Team or other athletics should submit their high school film along with their statistics via email, Hudl, or Twitch link with their application.

Admissions and Enrollment

O.U.R. Prep Academy seeks students and student-athletes from within our economically depressed community and others like it, who wish to gain another year of personal, academic, or athletic development before they transition into college.  Our admissions process and acceptance policy are simple, and our program looks for students who have been underserved or have underperformed in high school and are motivated to improve.  The entrance process can be completed in just a few easy steps:

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Complete Application

The regular admissions calendar begins in January of every year. Students or student-athletes who are interested in joining the program should complete an application during their junior or senior year of high school.

Submit Transcripts

Applicants must submit a copy of their high school transcripts to the Ohio Urban Renaissance’s admission office.  Unofficial transcripts are permitted to start.  Official transcripts will be required prior to enrollment.

Schedule Intake Interview

Prospective students must take time to schedule an interview with their parent or guardian and O.U.R. Prep administration. Intake interviews can be conducted via video communications platform or on-site.

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