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What's Now...What's Next?


College and Career Pathway Initiative

WIN/WIN or WIN, challenges our youth to set short and long-term goals by looking at their current situation and asking themselves the questions “What Is Now and What Is Next?”.

WIN is our college and career pathway assistance program and the last phase of our three-part post-secondary initiative.  It is aimed at serving our late adolescent and young adult students enrolled in either traditional or non-traditional forms of post-secondary education, by keeping them on the right path to program completion.  Participants starting at this phase of the initiative will be assessed and helped to identify the post-secondary pathway that best reflects their individual strengths, interests, and capabilities.  WIN focuses on maintaining open lines of communication between our students and mentorship support staff that enables us to continue offering the necessary support to students for the duration of their program’s degree, certification, or licensure.

The primary goal of WIN is post-secondary program fulfillment.  By building independent relationships with our students, we can design a supplementary support system that is responsive to each student’s academic, personal, and social development while navigating through their program.  Our ability to establish and maintain these relationships has shown to be critical to the success of our student’s completion of their respective programs or entry into a career field.  Through constant interaction, we can monitor our students’ individual progress as well as facilitate direct connections to valuable information, resources, and opportunities that aid them in their success.  WIN/WIN is free for our high school students and is funded completely through donations, grants, and sponsorships from our partners.

Contact us to sign up or learn more about our mission, our vision, and how we go about making the changes we want to see in OUR community.

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